Which Form of Tooth Replacement Treatment Do You Need?

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Did you know that if you have lost or missing teeth, there are a variety of services that you can consider using to repair your smile? Some services are designed to allow you greater flexibility with your oral health care, while others can remove any food restrictions from your diet. Three of the most popular forms of tooth replacement therapy include dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges.

Dentures are the most popular form of removable tooth replacement treatment. they can be taken out on a nightly basis for easy cleaning and storage in a liquid solution. Dentures can be crafted as either partial dentures for as little as one tooth, or as complete denture sets, which can be used to replace entire rows of teeth.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for your tooth replacements, dental implants are a wise choice. Dental implants are extremely durable because they’re installed directly into your jaw bone. However, it does require a strong jaw bone in order for implants to be implemented. If you jaw is not strong enough, a bone grafting procedure may be required.

If you choose to have a permanent dental replacement treatment and your jaw is not capable of holding implants, or if you do not want a bone grafting procedure, dental bridges can be used as an alternative. Dental bridges work by directly attaching to other nearby or neighboring teeth. In addition, dental bridges can even be attached to dental implants. By latching onto nearby teeth, dental bridges can be held in place for a lasting treatment designed to improve your smile and improve your eating and chewing capabilities.

Many factors will come into play in determining which tooth replacement treatment is best for you, including your age, your health, your jaw bone strength, and your personal desires. With the help of our dentist at D. Shane McPherson DDS, A Dental Corporation, we can make sure you have the smile you need. Dr. Shane McPherson and our team would love to schedule a visit with you to come to our dentist office in Shreveport, Louisiana. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 318-797-1873. Don’t let a lost or missing tooth ruin your smile. Visit us today to ensure your smile can thrive for the future.