Three Tips for Teeth Brushing

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If you are in the habit of brushing and flossing daily, visiting the dentist regularly, and eating a healthy diet, we applaud you! However, if you are concerned about your dental health and would like to learn about additional methods to protect your smile, we would be pleased to suggest tips to enhance your smile. To ensure you are properly brushing your teeth, we invite you to consider the following three tips for proper teeh brushing:

1. If you have noticed that you always begin your teeth brushing routine with the same tooth, you may have a lax technique that results in some teeth being neglected. To ensure your teeth receive the care they need, try starting on a different tooth every time.

2. Be aware of what you eat right before brushing your teeth. If your meal or snack involved acidic food, delay brushing your teeth for 30 minutes to avoid damaging tooth enamel that is softened as a result of dietary acid.

3. Make sure you are using the right toothbrush for your smile. Ideally, you should have a soft-bristled toothbrush that has a small brush head. Always rinse your toothbrush and store it in an upright position after each use, and replace the toothbrush every two or three months.

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