Enhance the Results of Tooth Brushing With These Tips

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While daily dental tasks such as tooth brushing may seem basic, there is much more that makes them effective. For instance, brushing your teeth with a standard toothbrush is fairly straightforward, but the right tips and tricks can boost the efficacy of this habit. Our dentist and team offer the following techniques to enhance the results of brushing your teeth:

– Angle your toothbrush against your gum line at 45 degrees.
– Brush with gentle, small strokes to avoid damage to the gums.
– Clean your inner, outer, and chewing surfaces.
– Brush for two-minute at a time no less than twice a day.
– Clean the front teeth by holding the brush vertically.
– Use proper toothbrush care to keep your brush in good shape.
– Floss before or after brushing to remove plaque from between teeth and under the gums.
– Keep you diet healthy and balanced by including the five food groups and avoiding snacking between meals when you can.
– Every six months, receive a preventive oral exam and dental cleaning from our dentist.

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