Different Factors Can Contribute to Dry Mouth Symptoms

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The natural function of your mouth relies on consistent saliva production to help you speak clearly, keep your mouth moist, and lubricate your food for ease of swallowing. Even after you are done eating a meal or a snack your mouth continues to produce saliva to help loosen and wash away lingering food particles.

If something impedes your natural saliva production, the natural bacteria living in your mouth could exploit residual sugars and remaining food matter. This can cause bad breath, and increase the plaque acids in your mouth.

Chronic dry mouth, which is also known as xerostomia, can significantly increase your chances of suffering cavities on multiple teeth. It might also increase your chances of suffering periodontal health problems from excess tartar buildup near the gumline.

It’s worth noting that some prescription medications, frequent alcohol consumption, and tobacco use can dehydrate you or cause a reduction in saliva production. These lifestyle factors can be addressed by abstaining from alcohol, and tobacco, or seeing if your physician can provide you with an alternate medication.

You also shouldn’t ignore dry mouth as a potential symptom of an oral or pharyngeal cancer can also cause a reduction in saliva production. Diagnosing these conditions early can significantly increase your treatment options, and treatment success rate.
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