Diet Tips for Healthy Teeth

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Are you on a quest for a healthy diet? If so, keep reading because we have exciting news for you! Did you know your pursuit of a healthy diet may also benefit your smile? Yes, it’s true! Foods play a crucial role in your oral health, along with brushing and flossing regularly. To help understand more about you a healthy diet for your smile, your dentist, Dr. Shane McPherson with D. Shane McPherson DDS, A Dental Corporation in Shreveport, Louisiana, has provided you with this list of information on foods and diet tips that are top-notch for your oral health.

The tips for an excellent oral health diet includes:

– Understand that snacking can easily damage your smile so make sure that you limit snacking whenever possible.

– Be aware that several substances in your diet could be inhibiting or increasing saliva production. Focus on eating foods that are crunchy and watery.

– Understand which hazardous substances in your diet can be damaging your smile. Products loaded with sugars or carbs are dangerous because they can contribute to dental erosion.

– To lower your risk of plaque build-up, always keep your mouth clean and free of any debris that may accumulate. Limit chewy and sticky foods that can loiter in your mouth.

– Eating a healthy diet that is high in minerals can strengthen your smile. Calcium and phosphorus are known to enhance and strengthen tooth enamel

– Acidic products with a low pH level are capable of eating through your tooth enamel.

The food we eat plays a crucial role in our overall health, and your oral health. Without the right foods, our body and teeth can break down creating damage and leading to the need for medical attention. If you find yourself in need of a dentist, please call us at 318-797-1873 to make an appointment. Our team is happy to help you with your oral health questions and needs.