Build Your Best Smile with Enamel Erosion Prevention

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Today, Dr. Shane McPherson and our team are going to talk a little bit about dental erosion. Do you ever feel as if your teeth are extra sensitive or look a little bit worn then they used to? If so, then you’re probably suffering from what is known as dental erosion. Dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, occurs when your teeth are worn down over time by harmful acids. Once your tooth enamel is breached, it leaves your tooth vulnerable to bacteria, which can eventually cause infections and lead to the death of the tooth.

To help keep your teeth safe from the risks of dental erosion, make sure you are using the appropriate treatments to keep your mouth clean. This includes always brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis and looking for new and effective ways to keep your mouth debris-free with adequate saliva flow. Saliva is essential for preventing enamel erosion as it can neutralize harmful acids and wash away food particles. Saliva has even been shown to help provide disease-fighting substances for your mouth.

If you wish to prevent enamel erosion, it is important to be aware of its causes. Dental erosion often arises from unhealthy foods that you eat. If you’re consuming excessive amounts of sugars including soft drinks or fruit drinks, you are greatly increasing your risk of dental erosion. Other common risks are a lack of saliva in your mouth due to dry mouth, as well as acid reflux disease.

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